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Just think you are at the age of 16 , and you are selling Mendes and DVD to earn money so that you can pay your bills. You are all doing this to support your family and your own self. Your conditions are very bad and wherever you go all people say just one thing.




But , can anyone just think that you all recovered from your this situations and you just built a company of worth 40000 crore in just 4 years. 


Cred , the company that started in 2018 has the market evaluation of 40000 crore. But instead of getting profit this company is majorly in lose since 3 years.

This company made loss of 61 crore in 2019. And that lose become 524 crore in 2021. 



And now the mainly question is that if a company is in a huge loss that how could its evaluation is of worth 40,000 crore.



The majority of users of this company adjustmently things that this company is a just credit card payment app. But this this company is doing that no one can things. And this thing is so much powerful that no one can even think. The main question is CRED what is credit actually doing.



How Did Kunal Shah Start CRED Fintech Startup?

  • This all story begins in 2015 when Kunal Shah first startup that was freecharge acquired by Snapdeal with the worth of 400 million dollars. After this acquisition all the people just asking Kunal Shah what is he now going to do. After this Kunal Shah travels many countries and he runs many types of poles in Facebook and Twitter. After this he notice that in developed countries that trust factor between the peoples are very very strong.
  • There are not any workers in foreign countries at petrol pumps.
  • At grocery shops there are no cashier.



And here the mainly question comes why the peoples of foreign countries trust each other very much as compared to people in India ?  

Well , the answer of this question is Behaviour Incentivization . 



Did you think that , at our childhoods our parents usually ask us to study so that we can pass in exam but we did not study as we have lack of interest in that. This are mainly due to that reason , that the action of study are not directly to any type of incentivization. Our body is designed as a structure that , we repeat that certain process in which we have any kind of incentive. In foreign countries with the ethical and responsible behaviour there is a reward attached to them. And this reward system , makes them comfortable to trust anyone. But in India that is not that same as in foreign. Even in India in the matter of finance there are few peoples that trust people easily. And let's there are very hard to trust people regard to their financial decision. And after this Kunal Shah cames with the Idea and that is the start of CRED



Cred is not any aggregator and note any application. Now you all are thinking that then what the CRED is? 




Any starter that is built by Kunal Shah is based on the delta 4 theory. 




Delta 4 theory is a great way to think about your product and how much it improves the customer experience over what the alternative provides, whether it be another product or an old way of doing things.



Example -: if you want to go to any place and you have to go to that place with the help of taxi. So will you go to taxi stand to get that taxi. NO. You feel just pick up your phone and book the cab from ola or uber. This is mainly due to teach reason that , the ola and Uber changes our behaviour in that way , if a cab driver cancel our ride twice or more than. We will not go to the taxi stand but we just book another ride. And same as this there are many type of inefficiency in credit card. And it is very interestingly that the inefficiencies in credit cards are mainly gold mines for credit card companies. 

If the bill of credit card get missed then we have to pay INTEREST Rate as well as late fees. And there are that much hidden charges that you can't even find. 

And this is where cred comes in. Where all people just focus on that thing we have to pay bill so we can't give any type of extra charges credit comes with the theory that if you pay the bills on time you will get some incentive. More ever Cred reminds his user to pay the bill on time and also if someone pay the bill on time give them rewards in the form of cred coins . In some cases that people have 100% cashback if they pay , their credit card bills through CRED . But do you think that in India there are very big companies who can do this but no one can ever try this. Then what the crad had done. Well if you want to get the answer of this question you will get the answer in its application. The crad application is so frictionless that if you ever comes in this application then , there is very very less chances that you will go to another application to pay your bills because the UI of this application is so smooth. And this is the main reason that thread is using by more than 75 lacs peoples. You you have listen that if you want to use cred then your credit score must be above 750. 


Cred will launch many type of other resources and products to BUILD their profit and fill up all their loses. And most important thing that cread is and type of application that if someone uses days one times no one will go back to tradition form of billing , their Bills . 


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